We can readily be seen doing public performances (GET your mind out of the gutter!) at Renaissance Festivals.  Our primary festivals are Scarborough Faire in Waxahachie, Texas,  The Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville, Texas and the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, WI.
Can you see us alone, away from the crowds? Yes!!  We are available for parties, weddings, corporate events and other venues. Just get in touch, we will work out the details.

Sherwood Forest Faire
March 3rd through April 1st, 2018
Saturdays, Sundays
10:00 – 7:00

Scarborough Renaissance Festival
April 7th through May 28th, 2017
Saturdays, Sundays & Memorial Day Monday
10:00 – 7:00

Kentucky Renaissance Festival

Saturdays & Sundays

Bristol Renaissance Faire
July 7th through September 3rd
Saturdays, Sundays & Labor Day
10:00 – 7:00

Texas Renaissance Festival
October 8th though November 27th, 2016
Saturdays, Sundays  & Black Friday
9 AM – Fireworks

43 Responses to “Shows”

  • Kameron:

    Are you guys gonna be at the fair near Austin in March???

    • Hi Kameron,

      The ladies are going to be in Florida for most of the run of Sherwood – however, and this is a big IF, if they have time and can work it into their schedule and Sherwood has time and space, they may make a visit. We will post on their Facebook page and the webpage if/when we have any news on that. Otherwise, they will be at FlARF until March and then at Scarborough for the spring.



    • Rose:

      Squeak’s right. We are talking to them about doing a guest weekend, but haven’t firmed up anything as of yet. Hopefully we will know more shortly.

      • les:

        Let everyone know ASAP so we can make hotel res. I am the green man in the leather leaf suit who’s wife dresses accordingly. I am also the one who is not happy because ya’ll won’t do the kitty cat song for us LOL. Take care, Linda Lou & Les

  • Squeak:

    *blink blink*
    holy cow, there’s a rose posting! 😉

  • Pink:

    I don’t see anything listed for Colorado. *cry*

    • fortunatecarole:

      Ditto. <3 Still hoping!

    • Last I heard from Rose, they put in a proposal to Colorado, but Colorado has apparently decided to go another direction. Never fear, however, as they are looking into other possibilities in the area! Will post when I hear anything more concrete.

  • Otis T Otter:

    finely checking out the new website. Looks good.

    Sorry, I’m missing FLA, snuck up on me before I knew it. Maybe next year.

    On Sherwood, would be great if you could make it, but will definitely see y’all at Scarby

    We have our yearly Colorado trip set again. It would be nice if y’all play CRF, but we had a lot of fun last year hanging out with y’all in the crowd and the rain for the day. CRF on Saturday, Donkey Derby Day in Cripple Creek on Sunday. Damn couldn’t believe we drank all the Kraken last year. Thanks for the help.

  • Dennis:

    Only 38 days to Scarby :)

  • Dennis:

    First weekend at Scarby was wonderful. Iris and Rose were incredable as always :) now just have to make it through the week.

  • Otis T Otter:

    It was great fun, again. Sorry that we ran out of Kraken and Captain before the train wreck. Oscar and Ophelia seem to have lost all memory of the show. I’m really bummed that you’re going to be out of town during our COS trip this year, but work it money.

    thanks again for the info and we’ll catch up with y’all again soon.


  • otter:

    your beer fairies miss you in colorado.

  • Mike R:

    just checked Colorado ren fair site not listed that is to bad my wife loves you guys and the train wreck show.

  • Capt John Ball Teach:

    I know the season’s started already – but any news of a Guest Weekend at Sherwood this year? If not, well the charts are already drawn and course plotted for Scarby…

  • Christina:

    Do you two ever make it out to Nevada?

  • Shelby:

    The Colorado RenFest NEEDS Iris and Rose back! …I still can’t believe I even sat through the Iris and Rose knock-off show last year. It was SO BAD! They will NEVER be as good as you ladies!

    …..I saw they were hiring a new Entertainment Director for this year. Maybe the new director would want y’all back. I know I do. :-(

  • Kitty:

    I second that Shelby!!! I miss Iris and Rose too but to my understanding it wasn’t Betty that had them not come back………it was that “other guy”

    Regardless, ladies, Colorado misses you!

  • Iris:

    Hi! Iris here. Just wanted to let you know that we love & miss the people from the Colorado Renaissance Festival, but it will be a cold day in you know where before we return. Kitty was correct, Betty wasn’t the issue; it was, in fact, the “other guy.” If we do any local gigs in the Denver/Colorado Springs area, we will be sure to announce it loudly.

    Iris & Rose misses Colorado too!


  • Randy:

    The Colorado Ren Fest isn’t the same without one of the best acts they’ve ever had. Wish there was a way to get you back.

  • Teresa:

    Wow, saw Iris & Rose at the Kentucky Renaissance faire Saturday June 23rd and they were so awesome! We bought two of their cds and laughed our asses off on the 2 1/2 hour drive home! Checking out the website tonight contemplating more purchases and gifts for all our naughty friends. Best act of the faire! We may have to return for the final weekend just to see these two Wild and Thorny gals again. If you have a chance to see Iris and Rose take it, you won’t regret it!!!!

  • Anne- Marie:

    I saw the show in Indy at the Fringe Fest and it was so great! My son had suggested their show and I am spreading the wild and thorny news to all my wild and thorny friends in Los Angeles. I must say, I agree with the previous person, Teresa, if you have a chance to “see” Iris and Rose…. take it! Thank you girls

  • Rose:

    Thank you so much for coming to see us at the Fringe! We are having a great time, and everyone seems to responding positively. We are loving it.

  • Joe:

    Just saw your show at the Texas Ren-Fest. Ive never laughed so hard in my life. Look forward to seeing it again soon.

  • Dennis:

    85 days to Scarby, already have tickets in hand.

  • Lindsay:

    I wish you guys would come back to the CO Ren-fest. I would love to see you two lovely ladys again! Im sorry the new owners suck! We Love you and miss you though. The Pirates Pub will never be the same without you!

  • teri:

    Just checked the CO renfaire schedule, hoping to see that Iris and Rose, my favourites, would be there. Alas, no. Then found these comments about what happened, and I am very sorry to hear about this. You incredibly talented, and wickedly funny, ladies were one of the primary reasons I enjoyed renfaire. As others have said, love you and miss you and wish you could come back. And yes, if you do make any appearances in Denver or CS, know that your very loyal fans want to know about it.

  • Ramrod:

    You ladies are always a great show, thanks for making scarb-fest! Is either of you single?? :)


  • tamey:

    how ’bouts Ohio, Ladies!rock creek medieval or any where near the great lakes!

  • Cindy:

    Your fans in Colorado miss you please let us know if you are out here for any show . The fair really needed your charm and wit we have been going for fifteen years you made that fair you were our main shows to see each one just a little different . Whom ever decided to not have you back made a huge mistake it’s never been the same . My daughter bar tends at cheers in north glen I saw the Celtic legacy there last week on there event page they list you there it was a past post any chance you will return there. We would love to see you and your sister again .

  • Cindy:

    I wonder if we all put in enough request on the Colorado Renaissance page would it help or are you over it we miss you pirates pub is not even worth going to the fair is not the same pub is just flat dying they haven’t had a good act since you left.

  • James:

    We are going to miss you in Kentucky this year! But best wishes with the gig at Bristol! Just so glad we caught your last weekend here.

  • Fox, Kat and Sara:

    We miss you so much! CO has never been the same since you left!

  • Stephanie:

    I use to see you guys at the Colorado Renaissance faire for years, but I haven’t been in a few. I am going to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival this weekend for the first time and I am looking forward to seeing you guys!

  • A group of us go to Texas RenFest every year & we LOVE to see you, you are the show we definitely do not miss.
    Can’t wait to see you again this October!
    Keep on keeping on!
    With love from the Garcias!

  • Wendy:

    Not going to ky this year??? :(

  • Dawn:

    I wish one year you guys would be able to attend the Kansas City Renaissance Faire but I know it conflicts with two different Faires that you attend so we probably won’t ever get to see you again unless we make a special trip to go to the Scarborough Faire next year or in the years to come.

  • Chrissy:

    I just moved to Arizona from Illinois and I have been to the Bristol Ren Fair for the last several years and would LOVE to see Iris and Rose at the Arizona Ren Fair, they made my smile every time. Hope you ladies have a wonderful tour!

  • qadesh:

    Darn, no listing for the Colorado RenFaire. Sure wish you could come back here! We miss you!!

  • Jenny:

    Just moved to Colorado from Texas, and I was super stoked thinking I might get to see you ladies at the Ren Faire here, but alas it is not to be. The other posters are correct, it’s just not the same without you ladies, and I’m glad I got to see you at Scarby at least. Holding out hope that maybe lightning will strike and pave the way for you to come back to CO.

  • J. Johnston:

    I have been fans of yours for years, is there any hope of you performing at the Maryland Renn Faire?

    • Iris:

      Alas, there is a scheduling conflict with Bristol. We visited the Maryland show a few years ago during the off season and it is a beautiful site! Thanks for thinking of us, though!

  • Patrick:

    Iris, I loved your 3:30 show today at the TX ren fest today.
    I was right!
    You are really quite pretty.

    English Patrick

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