Bawdy ballads and dirty ditties – good for grown ups and not for kiddies. Comedic musical styling by actual sisters which are not exactly vaudeville, but more like “Bawd-ville”. Great fun for every non-traditional social situation.

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  • kaye:

    you two are always the best! love to both of you and i do miss y’all!
    love, kaye

  • kaye:

    while y’all are at Scarby, come see me. Hearne is just down hwy 6 from you. 979-219-3177, 979-822-7684 (work) or home 979-279-3177 (after 6:30 pm). hope to hear from you soon.
    love, kaye

  • Richard:

    Good afternoon, my lovelies! I hope your visit to Scarby is a blast this year. It has been a couple years since we last enjoyed your performance (on stage, silly). We love y’all. May the winds fill ye sails and the beer always flow!

  • Kym:

    Hey Girls! Loved you at Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival and looking forward to seeing you at the Indy Fringe (not French) festival.

  • Ramrod:

    The only reason I visit Scarb-n-Wax is to partake of your beauty and naughtingly-tittie…. Oh I mean hauntingly witty songs and lick-me-sticks…. Oh I mean limericks. Sure wish I had one or both of you to get-me-up… Oh I mean cheer me up every day. I’m so sorry I seem to be thong-tied…. Oh I mean tongue tied today. May your breasts be full of the milk of happiness and your nips encounter a good tongue lashing as well as other nether regions…. lol

    Blessing you way pretty wenches… 😉

    Sir Ramrod, esq.

  • Just got home from traveling to Scarborough Fair, and laughed to your Greatest Tits album all the way! Well, nearly all the way; it was in our checked luggage on our cheaper-than-hell flight from Dallas to New Orleans. But the rest of the way, for sure! You two put an incredible topping on the wonderful RenFaire cake, and I can’t wait to see you lovely ladies in the flesh again!

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